Yonglong Rubber & Plastic Co.,ltd. is located in Yixing, which is known as “City of Ceramics” among the world. It boasts advantageous geographical condition and convenient traffic transportation, and has always enjoyed the reputation of “Hometown of Ceramics, World of Holes, Oasis of Tea, and Sea of Bamboo” at home and abroad.
  The company is specialized in manufacturing and processing various foaming sheets made of plastics or rubber, single or double self-adhesive glue-spread sheets, felt sheets, felt and rubber & plastic composite sheets; rubber & plastic damping materials, all kinds of rubber & plastic insulating pipes, new-type composite gland strip and some other kinds of materials that are used for heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration and noise reduction, shock proofing, sound absorbing, damping, and sealing in industries like automobile, engineering machinery.......(More
Yixing Yonglong Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd
Address:No.31 Gaohong Road Gaocheng Town Yixing City Province
Manager:Wang Jing
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